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  • Dedicated efforts to gratify human desires gave birth to Technology. Thanks to the brilliant artifacts, we are enjoying wonderful convenience in the surplus age. However, boundless cravings sometimes drive us obsessed with immediate gains, which torment ourselves and even nature eventually. Moreover the side effects cost us tremendous sacrifices even for temporary remedy.

    How can we redress the mutiny? I believe the answer is Design. Thorough understanding of human factors and responsible utilization of effective technology are the driving force of truly beneficial design solutions that create convenience for the user, profits for the business, and environmental care for the nature. It is my design philosophy presented through Analytical Synthesis.

    Today expressions like 'human-centered' and 'sustainable' are very common. Handling design as well as understanding technology based on multidisciplinary ability is prerequisite to make the dreams come true.

    My holistic solutions are here at Analytical Synthesis.

    Jeongbin Ok
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