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    RISD material library foundation (Providence, RI)
    Prepared master plan and mission statement of the new library, and collected material samples from industries.
    RISD Department of Industrial Design (Providence, RI)
    Designed food information system, which suggests users whether to select a food product, based on their own health conditions and preferences. Created imbuing walls to inform audience in a public space with a sense of global warming. Designed a reusable bamboo cup sleeve to save forest and energy used to manufacture paper sleeves. Other design work includes smart paper shredder, ergonomic peripherals, humanoid teapot, and personalized water creator.
    3M Innovation Center (Gyeonggki, Korea)
    Designed a tape applicator to improve production efficiency of photovoltaic panels. Developed lamination technology of triple-layered polymer sheets to protect solar panels for 25 years. Designed special parts of semiconductor etchers, reverse osmotic turbines, and rice cookers.
    Carnegie Mellon University Department of Chemistry (Pittsburgh, PA)
    Invented nanocomposites for fire safety and synthesized iron nanomaterials for the remedy of contaminated groundwater. Sponsored by Korea Research Foundation and National Science Foundation, respectively.
    LG Research Center (Gyeonggi, Korea)
    Invented RoHS-compliant materials and products for appliances, automotive, and military. Developed materials with extreme flame retardancy, now used in public transportation systems worldwide. Designed apparatus for material research.
    Hanyang University Department of Chemical Engineering (Seoul, Korea)
    Synthesized semiconductor photoresist materials, smart window materials that controls light transmission, and plastic optic fiber materials.
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